Assisted Suicide

Legalization of Assisted Suicide in Canada


      Assisted suicide has been a widely discussed ethical issue worldwide due to its extremely controversial nature and the question that only 14 countries, including Canada, have answered since 1940, should people have the right to demand assisted suicide? First of all, we need to explore the terms that needs to be met in order to demand such actions to take place, on June 17th 2016, new federal legislation came into effect by creating various criteria that the patient must meet in order to legally demand assisted suicide.

Right To Choose


You are lying in the hospital bed, weak, in pain, knowing that there is nothing left for you than to just wait. Wait for death to come to you. Would you want the option to end your suffering there?

Would you support killing someone if it meant saving them from a life of suffering?


Amanda Doonan
February 2nd 2014

Would you support killing someone to save them from a life of suffering?