Thighs gap are the new sexy anorexic trend


February is eating disorder awareness month and, as celebration, the Toronto Sun journalist Joanne Richard discusses this new internet trend that is taking amongst teenage girls wanting to have an unrealistic “thigh gap.” This trend existed since the beginning of popular blogs on the internet, especially on picture sharing Media such as Tumblr, where teenage girls would post pictures of those thighs, mainly from

Both Men And Women


Eating disorders, which have long been thought to only affect women, also touch many men in today's population according to Sharon Kirkey of Postmedia News.  In fact, studies have shown that one in three people touched by anorexia and one in four people touched by bulimia are male.  However, only one in 15 to 20 people are men in treatment centers which makes it clear that men are not getting treated enough for these diseases.  Men with bulimia or anorexia can find