American Apparel and Sexism

Sexism in American Apparel Advertising


instead of snorting coke...

I chose this ad to demonstrate how much different types of knowledge are necessary to understand the meaning of an image. On the one hand, the interpretation of this advertisement (of all images!) is based upon the knowledge the viewer may have access to. On the other hand, you always have to note the social context in which the ad is presented.

The Use of Sexual Imagery in Everyday Advertising

Large corporations use around 180.12 billion U.S. dollars each year in total on advertising alone, this amount of money goes over the GDP of some countries around the world, and it keeps on increasing every year. It comes as no surprise then that, as more advertising is made, more companies need to find simple and effective ways to sell their products. A common technique used by the most powerful corporations around the world today is explained in the saying: sex sells.

Promotion of Obesity: A Harsh Reality

***Disclaimer: I am, in no shape or form, promoting the bashing of people who suffer from obesity, or those who have insecurities about their bodies. My aim is to provide a factual and ethical view of what needs to be done in order to reduce and prevent obesity. ***

Ethics of Cat Videos, Guacamole, and Twizzlers

EXTRA! EXTRA! The news industry is struggling to make profits.

This is not breaking news, as statistics have shown the print industry’s rapid decline and the expanding number of online news sources over-saturating the market. It is no surprise that making money in this industry is difficult. That is why in recent years, publishers have succumbed to their advertising partners’ new strategy, called native advertising.