Women’s Rights: How Volunteering for #ICantKeepQuiet will have an Impact

During the majority of the semester, my blog posts have focused primarily on women’s rights in several different spheres of life. From women’s reproductive health to women’s relationship with the law, I have used examples of recent news stories to illustrate that there is still a need of feminism in the 21st century.

Rights Activists in the Wrong Parade

In February, a petition occured between Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community, whether or not uniformed police officers should be allowed to overview the gay pride parade. Black Lives Matters tried to put pressure that they should be banned from the event, entirely, while LGBTQ  petitions the contrary and this is where my argument steps in. 

"Are we f**ked?"


In December of 2012, at the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union held annually in San Francisco, a man named Brad Werner took the stage in front of 24000 earth and space scientists to discuss system boundaries, perturbations, dissipation, attractors, bifurcations, and other complex topics incomprehensible to those uninstructed in complex systems theory. His speech was titled: “Are we f**ked?”