Food in the North getting Cold.


                We have all seen the price of food go up as of late, but the price of food in Canada’s north is so crippling that it would make you scoff. "Brian Platt" from the Catalyst illustrates the issues surrounding the increasing problem of food insecurity in Canada’s north in his article "Experts sound warning on looming food crisis in the North" Written on April 11th 2014.

Starbucks, Chinatown, And Aboriginals: A Story Not as Dark as My Coffee!

On a sunny afternoon sitting in a Starbucks drinking the darkest coffee I asked myself why did I chose to get mobilized for the Aboriginals? The answer is as simple as the question: because if I don’t care then we have to assume nobody will!

The Values Remain at the PAQ


                As team-mates, my partner and I will be going to the Projet Autochtone du Québec (PAQ) in Montreal’s Chinatown in order to devote our time to the homeless aboriginal who seek shelter and food. Although over the years the PAQ struggled with financial difficulties due to high demands, it kept its core values providing a safe and friendly environment that would allow personal growth and a place to not feel threaten.

Buffy Sainte -Marie; an Aboriginal Superstar

Beverly Sainte – Marie more commonly known as Buffy Sainte- Marie, born on February 2oth, 1941. She was an orphan living in Piapot Cree First Nations Reserve in the Qu'Appelle Valley, in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. (Institute of American Indian Arts, 2014 ) She was eventually adopted by Albert and Winifred Sainte-Marie, who were actually related to her birth parents. She grew up in Wakefield, Massachusetts and in 1962 she graduated in the top ten of her class from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with degrees in teaching oriental philosophy.  

Spiritual Assessment of Native Americans


The article Spiritual Assessment and Native Americans: Establishing the Social Validity of a Complementary Set of Assessment Tools written by David R. Hodge and Gordon E. Limb studies the effects of the cultural and spiritual implications of Native Americans. The article considers the spirituality as being the central component of Native American culture, in addition it is essential to the promotion of health and wellbeing. Spirituality can also be an uplift for times where the community is facing adversity.