Hacking hero gets kicked out of school

by cthiemonge on January 24, 2013 - 10:38am

Ahmed Al-Khabaz was creating a mobile application for the other Dawson’s students when he found a leak in the omnivox system providing him the access to the social number of the students and other personal information. He contacted the company who was responsible for the system and was then kicked out from school and marked as a criminal in his folder. For more information you can go check the Gabrielle Duchaines article: Expulsé de Dawson après avoir révélé une faille informatique.

In my opinion this guy should be rewarded. It is not like if he had just hacked and found nothing. We cannot say that finding a leak was his goal either. I understand that the school needs to show the example, also that they say he entered the omnivox system again, but they could just have warned him of expulsion after any other infraction. Now his student carrier is almost ruined, excepted if he gets called by the FBI's hacking team.