Open to Operation Beautiful

by Bernice D on November 16, 2012 - 11:55pm

In today`s society, we rarely realize how toxic negative talk truly is to our personal health and our self-esteem. Caitlin Boyle, a 28 year old from North Carolina, realized from her own experiences how vital and necessary it is to have wellness and a positive outlook on your life and your self. That is why she created the website Operation Beautiful. Her website`s main goal is to end negative self-talk, or “fat talk” as she calls it. Operation Beautiful began by Boyle leaving encouraging messages on post-it-notes on the mirrors of public restrooms. The notes usually include phrases like, “Smile, you are beautiful,” or “You`re one of a kind.” These notes not only boost other people’s confidence, but also inspire them to pass on the favor by writing a note and leaving it somewhere else. Boyle`s website shows pictures of the notes that Caitlin Boyle and her followers leave as well as numerous blogs to help people who are having trouble with body image and loving who they are inside and out. To participate in the cite all your asked to do is write a positive phrase on a post-it and place it anywhere you`d like! This website has already made a huge impact on the students of Stuyvesant High School in NYC. They started a club called Operation Beautiful Club. They get together and write notes to put in anonymous places or put them in cards or postcards and mail them to nursing homes or soldiers overseas. The Operation Beautiful movement is to help change the way you see yourself and others. That beauty comes from within. Quoted by Caitlin Boyle, “Its time we stop emulating or striving for a type of perfection that doesn`t even exist in the real world.” Instead we should be looking to love who we are and find peace in health and wellness, not obsessing about perfection that is only imaginary.
This movement I believe is a great way to encourage strangers and help make someone`s day. The anonymous aspect of it truly makes it special because you can`t see your own kindness and encouragement in person. You just have to believe that the note you`re leaving will touch someone and make a difference in their day and in how they view themselves. Operation Beautiful also has very helpful blogs. They are written by Caitlin Boyle and deals with issues that most of us go through daily. Some of her blogs include healthy recipes, exercise tips and suggestions, and serious posts about how to deal with stress and negative talk from those around you. The only negative aspect I would say about this website is that it mainly affects the female gender more so than the male. My suggestion would be for Caitlin Boyle`s husband to join in on the website and start a movement for guys. Like leaving messages in the locker room or in the men`s bathroom saying “You`re awesome,” or “Be confident in you`re abilities and who you are.” This entire movement would be really awesome to try here at the College at Brockport. I would ask my fellow friends to leave notes in their textbooks at the library or in the bathrooms to start. Negative self-image is a rather large issue among my peers and others I see on campus. I believe that even the smallest of influence here could turn into a huge movement.

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