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by Morghan H on November 11, 2012 - 3:55pm

            Love Your Body is a foundation that deals with the overwhelming issue in our society of body image. This foundation promotes to men and woman that the unhealthy body images seen in the media are not truly achievable and that you shouldn’t strive for what’s being portrayed. It discusses the terrible body dieases that have come about from the media such as anorexia, bulimia, steroid raging, etc. They tell how the media uses programs to adjust the models and actresses and that those are not actually their bodies. They use e-cards, emails, posters and promote ways to encourage others to realize what’s in the media is not a normal and healthy body. This foundation promotes ways to try and advocate healthy bodies to men and women and ignore the images in the media.

            I believe there are numerous things that could be done to build upon this foundation. First I think they should consider more advertisement to make their foundation more known to the public. I think they should upgrade to things such as commercials, radio advertisements, magazine articles, pictures and televised commercials. This would bring more awareness of the foundation making the body image issue more known since our society is very into the media. I also think they could advertise more posters with men since this issue effects both genders. Lastly, I believe that they should advertise results that people have gotten by being involved with the Love Your Body foundation. This would show parents, teachers, children, teens, etc. that are struggling with body images because of the medias influence that others have gone through the same thing and that it is treatable once your aware. This foundation can help many people in our society struggling with this issue and if it becomes larger then more people will become aware and receive positive help.

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