Videos Showing Questionable Use of Power by SPVM Officer

by Michael R. on October 11, 2012 - 7:12pm

The following article explains the events on October 2nd where, SPVM officer, Stéphanie Trudeau was subject of controversy when a video uploaded to YouTube showed her head-locking a passive and confused man. The four individuals involved in this event defend that “the use of force was unprovoked and that they had no idea what was going on or why they were being detained” (CBC).The officer wearing badge 728 was also recorded using questionable use of power back in march, during student protests, where she pepper-sprayed non-aggressive protestors while her colleagues remained calm. Both videos can be viewed on the article’s page linked above. When the events reached Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière, the decision was to “take [Trudeau] off the street” (CBC). He then declared that there would be an “investigation by internal affairs in this dossier” (CBC).

It is basically immoral to harm when not for self-defense. It would therefore be unethical to harm a passive individual. We expect law enforcers to prevent chaotic events, it is normal that such situations where a police officer abuses of his power to cause harm generates controversy.

I came across an article that discusses the actual relationship between society and law enforcers. It states how in order for trust to exist between the community and the police, the community needs to know the police are also being framed. This relates to the first article by pointing out Trudeau’s actions were dealt with on a higher level thus clarifying these events as exceptional and trust in law enforcement should not be affected.   



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