Freedom of Speech in Quebec

by Yannis Issiakhem on October 11, 2012 - 12:30pm

The article ``Government-subsidized Montreal rapper Manu Militari pulls video from web after Tories complain it ‘glorifies terrorism’`` of journalist Stewart Bell talks about the most recent music video of Montreal rapper and the controversy it created. The video tells the story of a Taliban fighter that attacks Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. The video and the song lyrics depict the Taliban as a soldier that wants to free his land. The song disturbed so much that even the Conservative Party of Canada denounced it openly on their internet website. Manu Militari was given more than 110 000$ from MusicAction, an organism partially financed by Canadian Heritage. MusicAction is now criticised and they could undergo sanctions from the Canadian government concerning the way that their spent money.

                It is immoral to oppress people when they are expressing their opinion and that in this case Manu or MusicAction should not undergo any kind of sanctions. I think it is terrible that Manu Militari had to take his video out because people were offended by it. I think that freedom of speech is one of the most important principles of life and that the oppression of artists or journalist that only try to transmit their messages. Manu apologizes to people that were offended by the song, we does not support in any way the Taliban and only wanted to show another side of the story. There is no moral dogma on what we are supposed to say or think and only our actions can be evaluated in term of ethicality. This video was made to shock people and make them think and it achieved its goal. It is sad that Manu Militari’s career could suffer from this and he deserves our respect for expressing his mind.

                Freedom of speech is a usual talked about subject and it is discussed in the article ``The policy of the city and cultural action`` of Pierre Mayol. He discusses that not only artist have a right of expression but that it is their role and obligation to express their mind to make evolve our society. He argues that freedom of expression is essential to a healthy society and encourages. This clearly applies to story that we are talking about. If we apply Mayol’s idea of a free of speech society, we can argue that what Manu Militari did is not only ethically right but it should be encouraged. Following this line of taught it is Manu’s responsibility to continue to share is message and do not censure himself because he does not want to shock people.

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