A More Feminine Approach to Women Throughout History

by Alyssa T on October 10, 2012 - 11:55pm

 Alyssa Torlish

A More Feminine Approach to Women Throughout History

            In this article, women’s existence in the military is explored around the world, paying attention to service as soldiers as well as history of women in war.  Women participation is explored and the controversy of women involved in the military is discussed.  This article provides a feminist approach to the involvement, where the politics of the stereotype is both implicitly and explicitly illustrated, and providing readers with questions to consider and views to take into consideration on the “gender perspective.”

            Without specifically looking at women currently involved or trying to be more involved in the military of today, the article provides a fresh outlook for readers on the history of women including Joan of Arc. This article can be used to reference women from all over the world, historically and present day, to discover the theme of conflict in a stereotypical gender-based world.  Comparing women of history to women trying to join combat arms today is looked at with the ‘beautiful soul’ idea, discussing the assumption of women naivety and at times are incorrectly labeled as pacifists (Laura Sjoberg, 2010).  With all the attention and desire for military involved and service to one’s nation, how can one label a woman as pacifist?



Sjoberg, Laura. 2010. “Women Fighters and the ‘Beautiful Soul’ Narrative.” 92(877): 53-68.


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