Drinking and Facebook Don't Mix

by Marley G on October 10, 2012 - 6:32pm

The article gives an in depth look into social media and how it affects college students and how much they drink. Due to social networking sites like Facebook, college students are drinking more because they assume it is what everyone does and it is a normal behavior in college and they aren’t ever considering the risks and consequences that come with it. Over a third of the students that answered the anonymous  survey said that they engaged in high risk drinking which is over 5 drinking in 2 hours and then 29% of them posted picture of themselves drinking online while 56% posted their friends drinking online(Glassman, 2012).

                This is proof that college kids make decisions based off of what their peers do or what they think they do. Students are taking huge risks by participating in these dangerous habits and need to be smarter about what they post online. Students need to realize that not everyone drinks and next time you do go to a party look at how many people are out drinking compared to how many aren’t.  A great deal of the things happening in college are based off what people think or assume is going on not what really is happening. Posting pictures of underage drinking or any inappropriate activities can cause major problems down the road and we should think what we post first.


Glassman, Travis. 2012. “Implications for College Students Posing Pictures of Themselves Drinking Alcohol on Facebook.”  Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education. 56(1): 38-58.