Does the Media Affect Attitude Towards Gay Marriage?

by Emily K on October 10, 2012 - 2:44pm

     This journal is about a recent study of how the media, especially newscasts, shape and change peoples’ attitudes towards same-sex marriage.  There have been past studies about how the media portrays same-sex marriage, but this study is different because it’s examining whether and how the use of other forms of media affect the attitudes of the audience about this issue (Lee and Hicks 1394).  The findings of this study were that those who are younger, female, and more educated would be more likely to be in favor of same-sex marriage (Lee and Hicks 1398).

     This study concluded that the people who are more open-minded to ideas different from their own would be more accepting of gay marriage (Lee and Hicks 1402).  So, when approaching the concept of gay marriage or the gay community in general, just keep an open mind to it.  Try not to let any past prejudices get in the way and give it a chance.





Lee, Tien-Tsung, and Gary R. Hicks. 2011 " An Analysis of Factors Affecting Attitudes

 Toward Same-Sex Marriage: Do the Media Matter? ." Journal of Homosexuality

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