Body Beautiful

by Bernice D on September 23, 2012 - 11:10pm

In a recent article posted in the Sunday Telegraph (Australia), Marinos (2012) takes an encouraging approach on the ongoing battle between men and women and how they view their bodies. According to research from the University of Arizona, involving 301 young women in their first year of college, they have identified five ways to develop a healthy and realistic body image. These include the following; building a supportive family; rejecting the thin ideal; rejecting the super woman ideal; focusing on fitness; and managing stress healthily. By appreciating the bodies that we are given and finding alternative ways to handle social factors and pressures we face daily, we can help to improve our confidence and accept who we are from the inside out.

Marinos quotes CEO of the Butterfly Foundation, Christine Morgan, saying ‘"We need to come back to basics and say: 'What do I want to be? What are my goals?” “Focus on talents and achievements."’ This statement speaks volumes, in my own opinion, really putting priorities into perspective. Instead of basing values on size and shape, we should be building our values on the foundations of hard work, character, and respect. ‘"Rather than assessing your body in terms of what it looks like, look at what your body can achieve," Morgan says.’

Marinos, Sarah. 2012. “5 Steps To a Positive Body Image.” Sunday Telegraph
(Australia), September 23, p. 18

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