Alcohol, Is it even worth it?

by Marley G on September 10, 2012 - 6:22pm

Why do people drink? Drinking causes so many problems in today society that it seems like any rational person would choose to stay away from it. Do we drink because we think it is a stress reliever? How about just a chance to get away from reality for a while?  Eliminating drinking completely is not really an option today based on how many people actually do drink but I think limiting how much people drink is important. I know how much drinking can destroy someone’s family because my dad was an alcoholic. I saw him ruin his life, a good life, and have seen many others do it as well and for what? A couple hours of feeling better? Being an alcoholic takes over your life and no one wants to let a disorder control their life. Alcohol is a depressant and very addictive.  All it takes is one time to screw up, one time. Everyone thinks all you do in college is drink and party but in reality that’s not true. Yeah there are many parties and drinking going on but it doesn’t mean everyone does it. All it takes is to get arrested once for underage drinking or a D.W.I. and your life is screwed for at least a little while. Don’t take the chance of ruining the rest of your life for a little fun. I’m not saying don’t drink at all because I know that’s never going to happen but don’t be dumb about it. Let’s try to prevent all the accidents involving alcohol and save people lives. Intervene sometimes when you have to because you could save someone life.