America Fights Cancer

by Kaitlyn P3 on September 10, 2012 - 3:59pm

    Sociology is defined as the study of social problems. One of the major social problems of this time is cancer. It is almost impossible to find one single person who doesn't know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I myself have faced the terrifying reality of being at high risk of developing cancer in my own skin and bones. If you ask yourself right now, how many people you may know that have had to battle cancer, I am willing to bet more than one person comes to mind. Some may ask, well how is this a social problem? A social problem is defined as a situation in the community that some may find undesirable. Cancer is not only the biggest problem in my community at this time, but it is the biggest problem in America as a whole. This year only about six-hundred thousand Americans will be expected to die from cancer, that doesn't include the ones diagnosed who are strong enough to fight it. Do you want to continue to hear about the thousands of people who are dying each day in your own country, or are you willing to help fight it in your own community? There is plenty you as an individual can do to stop cancer from tearing apart our nation. Even if all you are  able to contribute is your time and love. To those fighting cancer, that alone will mean the world to them and make them just a little bit stronger.My blog posts will be discussing the problems we are facing with cancer today and what we can do to fight cancer. I sincerely believe cancer is the most important problem in America and America needs your help.

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