Steroids in Sports

by Justin M on September 10, 2012 - 6:56am

Role Models and Steroids

Justin Mercer

Steroids in sports are used in many ways. Some athletes use them as a performing enhancer, others use steroids to block pain and get over injuries. Athletes like Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Andy Pettite have abused steroids in order to better themselves in their career. Most of these athletes were aware of the risks that came with injecting these steroids into their bodies physically, politically, and socially.

Steroids come with physical side effects that harm your body like acne, shrunken testicles, high cholesterol, stunted growth, and many others.

Politically, steroids are a huge debate, whether they are morally right or wrong. Many argue that it is unjust that professional sport leagues can ban anabolic steroids, when they aren’t even illegal. In my educated opinion, I believe that the professional leagues have the right to ban any substance(s) that gives an advantage to players over other players. It is not fair and shouldn’t be allowed. The only kind of steroid that should be allowed is steroids prescribed or injected by a doctor, for a medical condition that will help heal a certain part of your body.

Most athletes are big role models to many kids and adults. When these people find out that their favorite athlete has been caught using anabolic steroids, most fans lose all respect for the athlete. In the past few decades steroids have become a large issue in all sports including football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and many more. Take Barry Bonds for example, Bonds was one of baseball’s greatest hitters, he held the record for most homeruns (762) in a career. He was a favorite to many fans and was held at a very high standard. In 2007, he was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for lying that he never knowingly took steroids. He was later proven guilty and was convicted. Barry Bonds name has been tarnished and he will be forever known as to taking steroids. Fans lost respect for him and several people criticized him for his actions. Barry Bonds and many other professional athletes are role models for kids. Kids see these “role models” and want to be like them, some may be influenced to take steroids, seeing how their “role models” have taken them as well.

These role models are setting a poor example for the younger generation telling them its okay to use performance-enhancing drugs, when in reality it is not. These drugs harm your body and cause a great ordeal of trouble. We need our role models to set a good example in everything they do because it does affect people’s opinions and actions.