Make Me a Ranger

by Alyssa T on September 9, 2012 - 4:49pm

Alyssa Torlish

    The United States Military consists of individuals who are willing to sacrifice self for service for their country.  Within the branches of the U.S. military is the army, which I am proud to serve in.  Fighting for something bigger than yourself is the most rewarding and meaningful way to live life.  All throughout time, women have been fighting for and working towards equality.  About 15% of the military consists of women soldiers.  What was once unheard of is now extremely common, women serving in the military.  What is more of a controversy now, are army women serving in combat arms units.  Spring of 2012, army leaders discussed and asked the question of whether women should be able to get a job in the infantry and armor ranks.  According to the American Forces Press Service, women are currently allowed in 13,000 all-male military occupational specialty units.  The controversy lies with putting women into more dangerous positions within the army.  
    However I believe there are talents and skills that women could offer to the armed forces that maybe men are not capable of.  The discussion of females joining infantry has many factors.  One of the major ones goes on to say that if females wish to branch infantry, they would eventually have to go through Ranger School.  90% of army infantry officers are Ranger-qualified, which brings on the controversy and question of how women will get through the rigorous training of the school.  Although army leaders hope for the success of women in the military, if they are not physically able to go through the current training, will standards have to change?  Next question would most likely be, would changing standards make the army infantry less reliable or weaker?  In my opinion, if women can reach the same standards as the males in their class, then why not allow the women?  However, what if there is a 250 pound male soldier injured in battle?  What if his battle buddy was a female soldier?  There are many situations and questions I can draw from this, but regardless of opinion, standards have dropped and women will be allowed in Ranger School this coming spring of 2013.  The articles says that “women will pass, whatever it takes.”
    Without a Ranger tab, women in the army are limited in promotions and awards, this is the cause for most of the interest in combat arms for women.  I understand the importance of wanting to be as much as you can be, but I also believe that Ranger School is to prepare soldiers for combat situations not to get shiny stars on your uniform.  I believe that if women can prove themselves and gain the respect of the men they will be working with, then yes give them a Ranger tab.  There will be many obstacles for women to face, because just getting through the school is the least of their worries.  There will have to be a set number of women to pass per class, so some will be guaranteed a slot.  The dangers of being in the most deployable unit, limited food and sleep, and the hostility of being with men who disagree with the movement are all going to happen and are extremely important to consider.  Ranger School is something I will consider, but for the sole fact of serving my country in combat.

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