Death Penalty: Justice or Just Wrong?

by kaseyfagan on September 9, 2012 - 4:40pm

      The death penalty is a form of punishment that has caused immense, worldwide controversy. Do capital crimes require the death sentence? Moral values, religious views, and political ideals have caused a split of opinions regarding this question. Supporters of the death penalty believe that murderers deserve to die for inflicting pain on the victim’s families. Do the families truly find comfort in the death of the perpetrator? Is revenge the answer? If our society bases its laws on revenge, then we will live in a world of hate and destruction. The bible states, “'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth,” but we can’t have everyone taking this phrase for face value or there will never be peace. In contrast, the bible also says to turn the other cheek. Which principle are we supposed to abide by? Our government does have a duty to protect its citizens and show that justice will ultimately prevail. The decision over life and death is crucial. Everyone has the right to life. Does anyone have the power to take that right away?

      There are other alternative forms of punishment that have been considered for murderers. Some believe that the death sentence is the “easy way out” for dealing with the crime. Criminals get to escape from dealing the consequences of their actions. The best way to punish a criminal could be to force the individual to suffer from guilt and psychological pain. Many argue that some criminals may feel no regret because they are heartless murderers. Is there any way to determine the best type of punishment? What or who determines the fate of an individual?  The argument will continue as to whether the death penalty serves justice or perpetrates more evil.