Teen Pregnancy: A Continuous Struggle

by Ashley B on September 8, 2012 - 10:58pm

Teen Pregnancy: A Continuous Struggle


            34% of women will get pregnant each year under the age of twenty. That may not sound like a huge number in the grand scheme of the world’s population, but 80% of those teen pregnancies are unplanned according to the website http://www.teenhelp.com/teen-pregnancy/teen-pregnancy-statistics.html. I do not believe that there is enough emphasis on teen pregnancy prevention within society. Growing up in Brockport and going through the Brockport school system throughout my life’s entirety, I have seen an incline in pregnancy rates as time continues on. Girls will post pictures of their growing bellies as months go by and I do not personally believe that they realize the life changing experience that is gong to hit them in the mere nine months it takes for the baby to be born. I am positive that some women are mature enough to take care of the baby and end up being successful, but it seems that a large number of women are left emotionally and financially unstable when the father of their child abandons them because they are not mature enough to care of another person.

            I do not think that young men and women are getting enough hard facts upon teenage pregnancy and the struggles that come along with it. One unit in health class upon this subject does not address all the hardships that come along with raising a child at such a young age. Lets face it, a lot of teenagers are going to engage in sexual conduct, therefore I believe that proper contraceptives should be easily obtainable, even in the school setting. I think another important point is that many parents hate the infamous “sex-talk,” creating a barrier between the parent-child relationship upon openness when a teenager wants to engage in sexual activity. If parents were more open to talking about sex with their children then maybe kids would wait longer or at least ask for proper prevention methods.  

            This is an important topic because many young people aren’t able to finish school and achieve their goals because they have new responsibilities that are pressing. I believe that with more awareness and facts that young men and women can be more conscious of prevention methods and facts on teen pregnancy.

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