Final Volunteer Project- People Who Drive Under the Influence

by alexis1solis on May 17, 2013 - 3:05pm

Throughout the semester we were given the choice to write news summaries on any topic that we found interesting. The majority of my blog posts have been about news summaries that discuss “people who driving under the influence (DUI)” because it is a major issue that has caused many deaths or injuries over the years. I decided to do my volunteer work on trying to raise awareness to the public about driving under the influence because I am annoyed of reading or hearing stories of car accidents that were related to someone driving under the influence. People who drive under the influence put at risk the lives of many innocent people. One of the stories that I heard is about a young teen who decided to not go home with his friend because his friend was too drunk to drive. This teen did the right thing and walked home, but his drunken friend was driving and accidently ran him over. The poor victim died while the impaired driver was later sentenced to jail. Although justice was served and the impaired driver went to jail, another innocent person is dead because of DUI. This is just one of many stories that I have heard or read and I want people to make the right choices.

            As stated before, the volunteer work that I chose will be to raise awareness to the public about driving under the influence. I contacted MADD Canada, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in order to ask them if they can send me some materials like posters or pamphlets so that I can pass or hang them at the End of Semester Party. The End of Semester Party is organized by my school in order to celebrate that the semester is over. Anyway, one of the MADD representatives contacted me back and told me that they will meet up me in order to give me some materials. A few days later, I was told to go to the Montreal Children’s Hospital in order to pick up the materials from one of the MADD representatives. The materials that I had received were posters, bracelets, papers, and pamphlets that all talked about DUI. I gave these materials to one of the CSA (Champlain Student Association) members in order to discuss what materials will be used for the party. As a result, the CSA chose to only hang up the posters while the rest of the materials will be kept for next semester so that other students can use them. Also, the CSA are passing out bracelets (not from MADD) that raise awareness about DUI. Although I did not have to hang up the posters, I will attend the party and take a couple of pictures of where the posters were hung up. The reason why I am doing this is because I want to write a comment about how the party went and show people where the posters were hung up. I will comment on this post towards the end of this month. I think that this volunteer work is a good idea because it should bring awareness to the public. People will be drunk and will see these posters, so hopefully these posters will make them think twice about driving under the influence in the future.

As stated before, the majority of my news summaries have been about people who drive under the influence. These news summaries not only talk about people who DUI, it also talk about the accidents, injuries, and deaths that people have experienced. Also, some of these news summaries talks about how some governments are passing strict laws while others are barely doing anything about it. For instance, one of my news summaries talks about an old man who was arrested 17 times for DUI. This shows that the government does not take DUI as a serious issue because if they did, the old man would have lost his licenses a long time ago. Another news summary that I wrote talks about British Columbia and how the government passed strict laws in order to reduce the amount of people who drive under the influence. This law has shown to be successful because DUI has reduced over the years in B.C. I think that the news summaries that I chose were important because I want people to know what is going on in our society. I want people to realize that “driving under the influence” is dangerous and must be stopped.

The connection between the news summaries that I chose and my volunteer work would be that they are both talking about people who drive under the influence. Some of the posters that will be used at the End of Semester Party; shows negative consequences of when people decide to DUI. While some news summaries talks about the victims of DUI.  Another connection would be that some of the news summaries talks about governments passing laws in order to reduce DUI. While the volunteer project’s main goal is to raise awareness and in to reduce the amount of people who drive under the influence. Both news summaries and volunteer work’s try to make people realize that driving under the influence is dangerous and that it can be 100% avoided because people choose if they able to drive.

At the end of this post, there will be links to some online news articles that I had chosen to write about. Also, there are pictures uploaded in this post, and these pictures are the actual posters that will be used for the End of Semester Party. Lastly, towards the end of the month, I will write one more post in order to state how the party went. Hopefully people will realize that DUI is a serious problem that must be stopped!


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