Health and Wellness Website is now up! Please leave me some suggestions!

by anthony guerriero on May 14, 2013 - 10:38pm

As a member of the health and wellness committee, I volunteered to create a website that aims to recruit members and supply as well as preserve information given out to students at campaigns.
Initially, I thought that creating a website would be easy. I chose to use google sites because a friend recommended it to me. The outcome was not as I expected. I had to collect information that dates back to 2007 and I also had to find out how to fully use google sites. It took me slightly more than one class period to familiarize myself with the website. I decided to categorize the campaigns chronologically but I also added in key words to campaign titles so that the information would be accessible. In all, I spent over 7 hours working on collecting information and putting the website together.
It is very hard to connect what I did to specific news stories because what I did is considered to be very broad. It touches on all aspects of health and wellness being that it is an information bank for everything health and wellness related. The committee’s goals and missions are to spread awareness about issues surrounding Health and Wellness in the form of campaigns. We, as a committee, strive to get our community at Champlain College St-Lambert to push through the norm and do something they can feel happy about either by sharing information they have learned from our campaigns or by inspiring others to be a better person through the values of health and wellness. We focus on the health and well-being of youth in hopes that our movement spreads nation-wide. Our campaigns are interactive and targeted to the youth of our community so we keep the selected issues relevant to students.
At the beginning of the semester, I mostly wrote about health and wellness related issues. I wrote my superpost on alternative treatments for ADHD and that really opened my eyes to what I wanted to do with my final project. I realize that by sharing information related to health and wellness, I am helping out people in need as well as informing the community by raising awareness and providing people with links as to what they can do about these issues. The website is truly a starting point for anyone who wants to better their own health and wellness as well as the health and wellness of people they know.
I really liked how I was able to make this project into a collaborative piece with my peers in the news activism class. It really makes me feel like the website has purpose because people are using it.
Over all I feel really accomplished because I feel as though I bettered my community. I hope to continue adding to the website next semester. I also would like to see a CSA page where websites can be interconnected so it would be easier for students to join a club or committee.

This is the website:

I had to create a new page to every linked campaign so please take the time to look at the website. I also added in a section where people can suggest campaign ideas so it would mean a lot to me if anyone reading this could submit an issue they would like us to speak out on related to health and wellness.