Kids with Guns

by NathalieG on May 6, 2013 - 11:01am

According to an article in the New York Times by Trip Gabriel, a 2-year old girl named Caroline Sparks died because she was shot by her 5-year old brother.  The little boy owned a .22 rifle that was made for children of a young age to let them learn to use guns when they are young.  The company that makes these specializes in guns for children.  It is not the first time accidents have happened with these rifles.  The article mentions two other occasions where they have killed someone.  There will probably be no charges against the family of the two children for not keeping the gun safely since, in Kentucky, there are no laws making parents be careful with guns.  People mentioned in the article said they also taught their children to use guns at a young age, but they keep them locked up and with a safety on.  People from the town of the incident almost never answered journalists’ questions, but defended the family saying it was not their fault and it is not anyone else’s business.  People online are blaming the family, but people in their town still defend them.

Reading this article is frustrating.   A 2-year old died because of these guns, yet people say it was just an accident.  Yes, I agree, the boy did not kill his sister on purpose, but this could have been prevented so easily that it should not just be called an accident.  Even if the parents thought the gun was not loaded it should never have stayed in a corner of the house.  In the article, people defend the family and say it is wrong that people online blame them, but they should have been careful.  Maybe they do not deserve that much hate, but an event like this should never happen.  The laws have to prevent this from happening.  Society should not be okay with having guns around.  Guns are made to kill; they should not be left lying around.  Even if they are locked up, it is still dangerous.  Also, companies should not market guns for kids.  It is almost like telling them that it is not dangerous.  Kids should not be playing with toys that could kill people.  It is time that gun laws change.  This story is just more proof of that.