Prison or just chilling?

by cthiemonge on May 6, 2013 - 1:12am

I just read an interesting article by Steve Lillebuen : ‘Reliving his fantasy’: ‘Dexter Killer’ still allowed watching ultra-violent TV series in maximum-security prison. It is about a man known as the Dexter murder can now watch the violent show in prison. The man, Mark Twitchell, who brutally murdered a complete stranger has bought a flat screen tv and has access to 60 posts with it. The problem is that he is supposed to be in a maximum security jail, but he can still see the show that inspired his murder. There is also that he is in jail and that he should not be having fun. We often say that the criminal rights are often too good compared to the victims and I think people are right. Psychologists aren’t sure if this would increase the risk of violent behaviours and the prison says it is on the prisoner’s right to censure or not the show. I don’t think people who get sentenced to 15 or ten years should not have rights, but this man is staying in prison for ever, I mean whi cares if he gets mentally disabled. Why can he watch tv, get a psychologists while the family gets almost nothing. If you want to discourage people to do disgusting murders as he did, they should start by making prison place where life is not easy and where you pay for your crime, because the family will never see their sibling again.