Gay in the NBA

by NathalieG on May 5, 2013 - 8:09pm

Jason Collins, a center for the Washington Wizards, was the first NBA player to come out as gay, according to an article by Jon Krawczynski and The Associated Press in the Montreal Gazette.  The NBA center will become a free agent this summer, which means he will have to get singed by a team.  The article mentions that he will know what people actually are thinking about him coming out if he gets offers or not.  Even American President Obama praised Collins.  Fellow players mention that they are okay with him being gay.  One in particular says he will have more trouble with the media then with teammates.  Others say that some people on his team might not handle it right.  According to the article, Collins has a good chance of being singed next year.

In professional sports, we are starting to hear more stories of guys coming out.  Young people can often think of being gay as the stereotype we all know: very effeminate and into fashion.  Having professional athletes come out can help young guys come out and not be afraid to be who they are.  It is interesting to see a 7-foot basketball player own up to who he is and as Obama said: Collins is a role-model.  I hope he does get singed by a team next year.  It would be absolutely unfair if he did not get singed because he had the courage to come out.  It is important for sports teams to be accepting of the LGBTQ community because so many young people look up to the players.