A New Form of Medication?

by chelsea-martin on May 4, 2013 - 7:36pm

According to an article posted on CTV news by the CTVnews.ca staff on April 29th, 2013, in Ontario, Doctors are taking a new method to treat chronic pain.

The idea is to use meditation and brain power to stop chronic pain and lower the use of medication people have to take. At St. Michael’s Hospital, they have a specialist who has developed a program to reduce pain by meditation techniques. The classes for the program are used at St. Michael’s Hospital as well as Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto.  The classes run for three hours in order to teach patients how to use medication. They are asked to sit or lie in a comfortable position and have a natural attitude. One patient has had osteoarthritis for approximately three years, even high doses of medication don’t work for her and she claims to have intense pain all over her body. She now meditates daily and this allows the amount of medication she is taking to be decreased. The treatment is apparently so affective that there is a waiting list for people to get into the program. Some cases that have been seen have been life altering; some of the patients were able to go back to their normal daily activities. Other hospitals are conferencing with Ontario in order to learn the methods to teach it to their patients.

Some of the medications that are taken today are extremely toxic to the body, and people can’t remain on them permanently. Finding an alternative to the medications can lead to the patients having a much healthier life style. Also, medication is sometimes extremely expensive and leaves people who don’t have insurance in a lot of debt. Using meditation is free, it’s your own mind and it can save people a lot of money in the long term. I believe that using another form of treatment could also cause people to be more motivated. Certain people have been on the same medication for so long and without improvement, they sometimes lose motivation. However, finding a new treatment could in turn make them more motivated to get better. I think this is great, the idea of placebos have been studied for a long time in the field of psychology. This however is a bit different, the mind is powerful and can help people get better, but instead of fooling them into thinking their taking meds (what a placebo would do) they’re aware of what is happening and using it in a new way. I really think that this could be a strong discovery for doctors and it can really help patients.