Effects of Crime on Law Enforcement Officials and Victims

by Katie F on September 4, 2012 - 1:41pm

    The importance of victimization in the criminal justice system is shown in all stages throughout the legal process. Also, the trauma of being a victim is seen and understood by anyone who has gone through a difficult experience. To myself and other criminal justice majors, this victimization does not only affect the innocent citizens involved in a crime, but police officers and other law enforcement officials who have to deal with the traumatic effects coming from their jobs. Everyday, officers put their lives in danger to protect citizens. As a future police officer (hopefully), it would be beneficial to research the effects of assaults on police officers and how it influences their behaviors and outlook on such events in the future. It is also crucial to understand the risks involved with becoming a law enforcement official before deciding that is the career I want to focus on for the majority of my life.
    Not only do I want to focus on law enforcement, but also the effects that dangerous crime has on its victims. For example, researching the process it takes for a victim to finally cope with the traumatic experience that has occurred. Also, how the victims’ coping experiences affect the legal process regarding their crime. Sometimes the victim is too afraid of his attacker to take the witness stand because he is still haunted by the crime that was committed. This has consequences on everyone because justice was not served and the community is in more danger of a violent criminal. Other factors that may influence how people deal with events differently are gender or race. By looking into the sociological perspective of victims of crimes and law enforcement officials who voluntarily put themselves in danger to help others, it can help me understand the aspects of being a police officer as well as how people deal with difficult situations.
    Understanding the effects of the daily job of police officers is essential for people to understand when confronting them. Many criminal justice majors would potentially be intrigued by this topic to understand the risks and dangers going into the job and how it effects behavior and emotions when put into a difficult situation. Although their job is to prevent crime, police officers can also be victims. For others who are not interested in law enforcement, or people who strongly dislike police officers, learning about the effects of the job could give people more of an insight into why certain officers act the way they do. It would help regular citizens of the community gain more respect and understanding into the difficult job of being a law enforcement official.