Police surveillance taken to a whole new level

by JulianLa on April 8, 2013 - 10:13am

Recently posted on The New York Times by Randall Stross on April 6th, 2013, a new means of capturing evidence has been established by the police. Some departments are now relying on miniscule cameras hidden on them to capture real evidence. They have started using this so that they wouldn't have to rely on a third party picture of what happened. However, some officers, especially the older ones, were questioning why they should be able to see everything they do. Although, it has been shown that less violence on the polices part has been taken since the cameras have been out.

This is probably a big step forward in surveillance, and not in a bad way. This camera can actually be very useful at certain times. Since many people do notice these cameras and even ask the officers if they actually have one shows that they still have a know at whether or not they are being filmed. This can also reduce the amount of lies that can be said by witnesses and observers. However, if it were to become completely hidden, then that is when troubles could start, so long as it stays visible it can be a great help.