Volunteering with the Wikimedia Foundation

by Wassim on April 8, 2013 - 2:01am

Most of the posts I have made concern the issues of technology and science. I believe it is important to volunteer in regards to technology, since many people are not as lucky as me. We take technology for granted and anyone living in third world countries would love to use technology to benefit their lives. Unfortunately, most NGOs that I have done research on want volunteers with a background in engineering and people who are older and more experienced in the field of technology. That is why I will probably be volunteering with the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Wikimedia foundation is probably the easiest to volunteer for because I do not have to go anywhere. All I need is a computer! I simply have to provide them with my knowledge. I can either edit a text that they have created, provide information that they do not already know, or post a picture. All these things help others learn about subjects they need to be educated in. This way of learning is what I find amazing.

Not only am I providing my knowledge, I am allowing people to learn from me. That is the main reason why I am volunteering. It is amazing that anyone can look at this information and extract what they need, especially Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that provides anyone with information.

I hope that the information that I provide will aid someone in the future. It is spectacular how technology has evolved over the years! You can find anything on the web, and that is such a blessing. I hope this organization continues for many, many years.