Fun in the Metro?

by Wassim on April 7, 2013 - 11:53pm

According to an article titled “Youths’ metro drinking marathon under police investigation” written by Andy Riga and published by The Montreal Gazette on March 29, 2013, teenagers and young adults have been seen doing inappropriate and illegal activities in Montreal’s metro system.

Riga writes that a gang of youths have been seen “urinating, vomiting, drinking, vandalizing, exposing themselves, throwing beer cans and walking on metro tracks”. These activities were not only seen by many metro users. Internet users had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing pictures online. The event took place on March 9thwith approximately 20 males covering 18 different stations.

So why weren’t they stopped earlier? Riga asked. According to STM spokeswomen Isabelle Tremblay, the youths are not “easy to spot”. The STM transport 900 000 people daily and there are always youth acting this way. However, many people have reported these events and the STM did not act in the correct matter. They were indifferent to these acts, even though they were all caught on tape.

As a weekly metro user, I am disappointed in the action, or lack of action, the STM has taken during these events. How could a transporting company care so little about their clients to do nothing? It is an outrage to know that a passenger’s safety isn’t valued by the company he/she rides with. I suggest a day to boycott the STM’s safety regulations. They must change their rules to allow more police officers or security guards to watch over the metro system. I would hate to be riding with 20 or more loud teenagers, drinking beers, and harassing the passengers of the subway system.