No more work for smokers

by cthiemonge on April 7, 2013 - 10:09pm

The Ottawa internet firm Momentous is now not hiring smokers. The company is very open to many things like bringing your dog to work, but no smokers. They apparently are not the first to do it. In the United-States, 29 states deny such practices. In Canada it is more complicated. Smoking is not a right, but it is also illegal to discriminate people with disabilities. The national court has now to determine if smoking is a disability. In 2010, the mining company Cominco forbidden the use of tobacco on the company’s property, but the court judged the ground too big to apply this rule, because the worker could not have the time to leave the place, so in that case it was a disability. For other similar stories, you can read Kristopher Morrison’s article ‘We drink. We swear. We don’t f—ing smoke’: Firm’s ban on hiring smoker’s leaves people asking ‘Who’s next?’