Volunteer opportunity

by cthiemonge on March 26, 2013 - 5:25pm

The Iténéraire organization is a Montreal program of social rehabilitation. It helps people to get from the street to the real life by making them more employable and autonomous. They give tips to people for them to re-enter society by showing them how to behave and survive. They inform people about their program and also the young people to prevent them from getting there. Their values are respect, equality, creativity, dynamism, autonomy and integrity.


The main project of Itinéraire is the magazine which is getting sold by the Camelot, ex or still homeless people. There is also the Christmas supper, the barbecue Telus and they also created the“Carte-Repas Solidaire” which is a card you give to homeless instead of money. They can eat without people fearing they will spend money in drugs.


You want to get involved, you can try to buy some “Carte-Repas” and distribute them. You can also try to work at the “Café”, they always need people for transportation and there is an art workshop where you can teach music, art, or anything that sounds interesting. If you ever seem interested you can call Maude Bouchard, maude.bouchard@itineraire.ca, 514 597-0238 post 246


Here is the web site for plenty of information: http://itineraire.ca











Oxfam works to reinforce the link between poor countries so they can work together. They believe in durable contributions by establishing institutions like school, corn fields, etc. They want a work where poverty does not exist, where people can live together equally. Their values are respect, solidarity, responsibility, coherence, innovation and knowledge.


Oxfam Québec is a huge organization that works in many countries. They participate in more than 150 projects every year. They work in Haiti to reinstall alimentary stability by helping farmers produce more food. They work in El Salvador, Honduras, Peru and other countries to provide available to drink water. One of the big projects is the alimentary security in Honduras.


If you want to contribute, you can give money, sign a petition or even work with the team. You can become a trainee, volunteer or work on the social siege. For now there are no help needed but you can contact them at: mailto:recrutement-volontaires@oxfam.qc.ca or at recrut@oxfam.qc.ca.




Here is the web site for plenty of information: http://oxfam.qc.ca












In 1993, 4 young people from Québec came back from a humanitarian travel in Rio de Janero.They decided to found the “ASEED : Action pour la solidarité, l’équité, l’environnement et le développement”.In 1995 it takes the title of uneconomical organization. In 1998 it gets the name of Equiterre.


Equiterre works with the objective of getting people to buy ecological, fair and by solidarity. They give work to people in need with good conditions. The fight big companies which destroy the environment and make people work in horrible conditions. They act on the social, political, economic plan to help environment.


This year, Equiterre will be fighting some laws in Quebec about pesticides used in agriculture. They will be doing conference on fair trade and the importance to buy ecological. They will continue to fight to keep the planet clean and a nice place to live. They will be involved in agriculture, housing, buying, food, transportation, but there are not really big projects coming on.


If you ever are interested in doing actions with Equiterre, you may send an email for a stage to ggosselin@equiterre.org. It is a 3 month stage and you will work 3 to 4 days a week. You can also work as a volunteer by contyacting the same address.




Here is the web site for plenty of information:http://www.equiterre.org/










Renaissance is a non-profit organization which goal is to reinsert people into the world of employment, recycle old clothe which they will after sell to less fortunate people. They offer employment since 1994 to people from 18 to 60 years old. Their values are solidarity and responsibility. They want a world as social, ecological than economical.


They do not really have big project because they do not fight something like that. Their goal or “project” are to give the more job opportunities to the most people as possible in the next year. They will try to get as much people as possible and as different as possible to create diversity in Quebec’s work place.


If you are searching for a job in this domain you can visit the web site at: www.renaissancequebec.ca/postesfr.php?id=16#  and fill the file or contact them at 7250, boul. Saint-Laurent Montréal Québec H2R 2X9. Tel: 514-276-3626. The locations of the shops are here at: http://www.renaissancequebec.ca/fr.php?id=4. Good luck.


Here is the web site for plenty of information: www.renaissancequebec.ca
















I had a post which was talking about education and I think Unicef is a key to this subject.


Unicef is an organization well known for its little box at Halloween, but do you know what they do. They fight for the kids all around the world to provide them with schools, water, food and comfort. They believe that this world can’t work well if we do not take care of the kids.


This year, Unicef will be fighting against a lot of things like HIV, girl’s rights, kid’s development, kid’s rights and political axing on kid’s rights. They will also be campaign to gain money like at Haloween and meetings with governors to talk about the situation in their countries and applicable solutions.


Because it is a big organization, the Unicef is always in need of volunteers. They need people to collect founds, in your school, town, etc. They also need for administration, events, special projects, the Haloween and at international. To apply: http://www.unicef.ca/fr/article/modalites-dadhesion-pour-devenir-benevole-de-lunicef. There may be no place for you to work.



Here is the web site for plenty of information:www.unicef.ca