Multitasking or concentration ?

by Shouggie on March 11, 2013 - 3:58am

 According to the article ‘’ Wired for Distraction: Kids and Social Media’’ written by Dalton Conley on the Time Magazine states that today’s technology is getting more dangerous than ever.

Kids are not only getting, for sexual predators, easier to reach, but they also have access to inappropriate, but they also have access to inappropriate material.

A report, about the observation of teens and their use of several electronic devices, released last year says that children on average from 8 years old to 18 years old spend around 8 hours using media related devices.

People usually think that being constantly using media technology develops the ability of multitasking. However, the study clearly shows that multitasking increases the sensitivity to distracting stimuli, which decreases the amount of things that have been done.