Struggling for comfortable living conditions

by Jennifer Powroznyk on March 11, 2013 - 3:21am


    Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia and the United States have begun to consider collaborating in helping avoid polar bear’s coming into contact with humans. It has been discovered that because of their diminishing habitat, polar bears are being forced to travel around, resulting in them making their way to nearby communities. Because of this, there have been increased amount of sightings and polar bear encounters in small towns. Due to the change in climate, and lack of food, these bears are growing increasingly more aggressive. More than 30 leading polar bear experts whom all live in the arctic met at a Polar bear/ human conflict workshop organized by the WWF in Tromsø, Norway. Through the workshop experts have brainstormed through several ideas such as patrolling towns and keeping track of polar bears, keeping food and trash properly contained, providing education on how to share an environment with polar bears, and relocating or killing bears that are too much trouble. If polar bears weren’t starving and suffering from the loss of their habitat due to changes in climate, humans wouldn’t feel polar bears as such a big threat, nor would such extreme measures be necessary. Unfortunately these practices should be encouraged in order to maintain safe and comfortable living conditions for both polar bears and humans.