GPS-like Technology for New Surgery Technics

by anthony guerriero on March 10, 2013 - 9:10pm

According to an article posted on March 6 2013 by Charlie Fidelman (part of the Montreal Gazette’s Health Reporter), The Montreal Heart Institute has found a new effective technique to preform heart surgery on patients.


The benefit to this new technic called MediGuide is that it exposes the patient to 3 minutes of X-ray radiation as opposed to 30 minutes with old techniques. It works a lot like a car GPS by turning pre-recorded X-ray pictures into a 3-D map which allows physicians to navigate around the heart.  


Here is a link to a YouTube video that demonstrates how the MediGuide functions.


This technology has been used previously in other hospitals but only for diagnostic purposes. Daniel Bussière, a 61-year-old retired teacher and school director from St-Tite, was the first person in North America to be treated with MediGuide. The operation took 2 hours in total.


This new technology is very relevant to advancements with our healthcare. Most people complain about Canadian Health Care but through this we can see that there are major improvements taking place. Mr.Bussière “had nothing but compliments” for the hospital.


I might be working at a radiology clinic in Montreal very soon with one of my father’s clients. I think that major improvements like these are what the medical industry needs to keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to finding new technologies. I am looking forward to see how working in a radiology clinic links to what I have learned from this article.