Medical treaments for prisoners; falling behind

by sandrinedoucet on March 7, 2013 - 9:38am


Canada's health care system is usually very on point in for everyone from refugees to prisoners. It hasn't been the case recently as reported by Rebecca Lindell in March 5th' Global News.

Prisoners have been put aside and haven't been receiving proper health care treatments. Penitentiaries count more than 38,000 adults to be cared for, Francoise Bouchard, the former director general of health services for Canada’s federal prisons gives her insight on the matter.

“Health care systems like the ministries of health in the provinces have to be  more present and assume some accountability and responsibility within the prison  system,”
 More over, “Their incarceration as punishment for a crime is no excuse to punish them  further by not addressing their health problems adequately”.

Her view on prisoners' treatments is very opened and refreshing. Prisoners are usually judged by the majority of population but health care shouldn't be neglected because of such prejudices.

In my recent SuperPost on Canada's health care system, I outlined the positive sides of it. This recent article is a great counter argument to what I previously stated. It puts everything in perspective and brings me to question myself on the issue. I hope this post can help open the eyes everyone, prisoners have the right to safety and health.