Thighs gap are the new sexy anorexic trend

by Amina_C on February 17, 2013 - 11:06pm

February is eating disorder awareness month and, as celebration, the Toronto Sun journalist Joanne Richard discusses this new internet trend that is taking amongst teenage girls wanting to have an unrealistic “thigh gap.” This trend existed since the beginning of popular blogs on the internet, especially on picture sharing Media such as Tumblr, where teenage girls would post pictures of those thighs, mainly from celebrities, or the famous one which comes from Victoria’s Secret’ Angels, who are models that pose for lingerie, which girls crave to be due to their “sexy” reputation. The strangest is that these girls would also blog about tips on how to achieve the unrealistic look, which often result to starvation and excess exercising. These blogs have beginning to be very popular, and due to internet’s fast forward exchange, it is becoming easier to develop mental issue towards food and self-esteem such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia. The influence Media has on teenage girls is effecting enough that even the internet has a bigger role to play, suggesting even more unrealistic images of the body that only afew percentage of the population were born with, such as model’s gap thighs. It is an issue that is still unknown to most people, yet very significant on the internet and has to be taken down quickly.