The Pope Makes History

by Wassim on February 17, 2013 - 10:51pm

According to an article titled “Pope Benedict Makes First Appearance since Resignation News” written by Laura Smith-Spark and published by CNN on February 13, 2013, Pope Benedict makes history as the second Pope to step down.

Laura Smith-Spark writes that the Pope made his first appearance since he resigned Monday. The last Pope who stepped down, Pope Gregory XII, was in the year 1415 to end a civil war. Since then no other Pope has stepped down, until now. Pope Benedict believes that he does not “have the strength that it requires” to do the work of the Pope.

With the Pope’s resignation, people are questioning who the new Pope might be. According to Laure Smith-Spark, there has only been European Popes. However, there are many candidates who are American and African. This may be the first time a Pope who is not European is chosen.

As a slightly religious man, this news comes at quite a surprise. Usually, people in great power stay in their seats until their time are up. No matter if they are the Pope, president, dictator, etc. People with these titles do not wish to give up their power unless they are forced to. Examples of this are the dictators in the Middle East. Even though some of them were not fit to run a country, they did. If only all unfit power hungry men gave up their power. Possibly, if we were to put enough pressure onto them, they would leave.