Good deed for a good deal

by sandrinedoucet on February 14, 2013 - 10:47am

Bell's ''Let's Talk'' campaign for mental health has been very successful. For every message, tweet or Facebook posts that mentioned the program, Bell donated $0.05. This year's iniative raised 4.8 million dollars for the cause.

Steve Ladurantaye and Susan Krashinsky uncover the true reason behind Bell's campaign in the February 13th Globe and Mail.

During the very talked-about campaign, many people started accusing Bell of  turning this charitable event into a marketing campaign. Bell and BCE (parent company) gained major exposure on that day gaining thousands and thousands of followers (Twitter) and likes (Facebook). The kindness associated to this iniative remains untouched and very generous, but the authenticity behind it is questioned.

The authors of this article call the generous act a ''relatively cheap promotional opportunity for the company.'' Anthony Hello (director of branded content at media buying agency MediaCom Canada) also takes position saying ''They very much got their money’s worth.''

Regardless of Bell's intentions, they still will donate 62 million dollar, originally 50 million, over the next 5 years to mental health services because of the success of this action.

It's easy to sit behind a computer and criticize Bell's motives, but it doesn't change the fact that over 60 million dollars will be donated for a good cause. If this largely publicized campaign can raise money for mental health programs as well as be an effective marketing move for Bell, so be it.