Changing the Views of the SPCA

by chelsea-martin on February 11, 2013 - 2:37pm

The "Working on our Future" foundation is being criticized over the expenses, according to an article posted on The Gazette, on January 31st, 2013 by Melanie Patten and the Canadian Press.

The WOOF foundation is a program in Nova Scotia which pairs dogs with prison inmates. The SPCA and the "Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility" have teamed up for this program which will continue until the end of March. The idea is to have the inmates train five dogs before they can be adopted after returning to the SPCA, it is supposed to rehabilitate both the dog and the person. The "Progressive Conservative Party" is not pleased with how much it is costing; 26,000 dollars. Allan MacMaster, a "Nova Scotia Tory" justice critic, finds it wrong that the government is spending this much on people who are in jail when there are so many others who are in need of help due to the economy.

I feel that this program can actually benefit the animals a lot. Most people don’t adopt animals from the SPCA because they feel that the dogs have been mistreated and won’t be able to be trained properly, by having the dogs trained by the inmates it will show people that the dogs can be good pets. This could allow the animals to be adopted more quickly. The SPCA has limited space, as most of us know, so having the animals trained and appearing more pet-like, it can save a lot of animals. I think this is important because animals which are abandoned or stray need a home just as much as the ones in pet stores do, and if this can help them get a new home, that’s a good thing. Yes the cost is high and it might not be fair, but who’s to say that the animal’s lives are of any less worth than humans?  And people who are incarcerated have done something wrong, yes, but everyone deserves a second chance and a new start. Also by having this program it can show people that SPCA pets can in fact be good family pets, without having to use the program more than once, because they’ll have the new impression of these animals in their heads. It will cost a lot at the beginning but if it saves life, isn’t it worth it?

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