by Haleymartin on February 11, 2013 - 7:45am

Have you ever done something stupid for love?


According to the New York Daily News, Lee Norman wrote a story  on Febuary 5th2013 about a women named Lesya let her new boyfriend Ruslan Toumaniantz tattoo her face only 24 hours after they met.  The tattoo inked on her face is in huge gothic writing covering almost her entire face. The 18 year old Russian women and her new boyfriend met in an internet chat room and met physically for the first time in Moscow .Soon after they met she got a tattoo to symbolize their love for each other. Lesya said that they are madly in love and are going to get engaged. The bride to be also states that she wants her new “boo” to tattoo every inch of her body.


This news story shocked me in so many ways. How an 18 year old girl could ruin her beauty by inking her entire face in Ruslan Toumaniantz signature. She is so young and in my opinion made a terrible mistake. If her romance with her boyfriend doesn’t last forever she will have to look in the mirror every day with a big tattoo on her face to remind her of her poor judgment. Some people could argue that it is a freedom of choice and she has every right to tattoo her face with her boyfriend names. I agree, if she really wanted a tatoo of her boyfriend names she should have waited a long time before making that decision. To ensure he is her soul mate. But instead she put no thought into it and had it done in the very first day of them meeting.