Eating disorder rises in Canada

by alexis1solis on February 11, 2013 - 1:39am

Eating disorders is increasing in Canada and this has physicians and advocacy groups concerned about a lack of treatment available toward the people who are able to find the courage to look for help. Hospitals and clinics that specialize in eating disorders claim that the number of adults, teens, and children has risen. And sadly to say, most of these people are women. Those who suffer from eating disorders either overeat or they don’t eat enough. In fact, there is about 150 000 to 600 000 people across Canada who currently suffer from this disorder. Dr. Blake Woodside claims that there are actually some areas in Canada that do not have any specialized treatments programs for eating disorders. Dr. Sandra Fishman, claims that she is starting to see younger patients suffering from this disorder, which some of them suffer from anorexia.

The eating disorder that people suffer from is very bad and can be very difficult to overcome. It also doesn’t help that some cities do not have programs to help the public because a lot of people are suffering from this disorder. Also, people who suffer from this disorder actually have a possibility of dying depending on how bad their disorder is.

Personally, I liked this article because I find it very interesting. Also, I did not even know that a lot of people suffer from eating disorders, which this is a problem that has to be fixed immediately. Cities should start programs to help the people suffering from this disorder because it is very dangerous since they can die from it. If I could help I would ask people to throw a little campaign in order to push people to demand for help from the government so that their eating disorder can be fixed.

CTV News Staff, February 10, 2013, “Eating disorders on the rise in Canada, as sufferers wait for treatment”.