Shooting during Marois speech results in one dead and one injured

by alexis1solis on February 11, 2013 - 12:27am

After the Parti Quebecois had been announced winners of the election, Pauline Marios, leader of the group, was dragged off the stage by her bodyguard halfway through her speech. A 62 year old man wearing a blue robe and a balaclava opened fire in the theatre where she was speaking. The shooting had left one victim dead, a second victim in critical condition, and a third who is being treated at the hospital for shock. Marios claims that she did not know what was going on when her bodyguard had plucked her by the elbow while she was giving her speech. Police are investigating because they are unable to determine whether Marois was a possible target or not.

The shooting that occurred during Marois speech is obviously something bad.  One person was killed, the other in critical condition, and the third went to the hospital because of shock. Things that occur in life like this should never happen again, but it is impossible because there is always someone crazy out there. People should be careful wherever they go because something like this could happen again.

Personally, I did not enjoy what happened to the victims but I found the article very interesting. This is because it is the first time that I read something like this, where a shooting took place and the leader of a political group is involved. Even though we do not know if the shooter tried to kill Marois, I think that police should be stricter in securing the area  when a leader of a political group is about to talk. This will enable safety to the public and to the leader of a political group.

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