The lost King of England

by Shouggie on February 10, 2013 - 10:42pm

As indicated by an article named ‘’Canadian’s DNA helps ID King Richard III’s bones ‘’ written by the Associated Press with the CTV News on February 4th 2013, a young Canadian helped scientists identify a 500-year-old body.

What is left of those remains once belonged to a famous King of England in the 15th Century. King Richard the 3rd was the ruler of England from 1483 to 1485, when he was brutally killed at the Battle of Bosworth. His body was buried in an unknown place for hundreds of years until archaeologist found the bones under a church, now a parking lot, in Leicester last August.

Scientists were able to figure out what happened to the King and what caused his death. More than 10 injuries were inflicted to the body by weapons, such as daggers and swords. With today’s advanced science and technology, experts were able to identify it with the help of a very rare strain that Ibsen, the king’s 17thgrandnephew, had in his own DNA.

In memory of King Richard the 3rd, the mayor of the city where the body was found, Peter Soulsby, promised a memorial event and a new location of burial for this long lost king.