Has the Godfather Returned?

by Wassim on February 10, 2013 - 5:16pm

According to an article titled “Police Probe Organized-Crime Angle in Shootings” written by Anne Sutherland and Paul Cherry and published by The Montreal Gazette on February 2, 2013, the Montreal Mafia may be back.

According to Anne Sutherland and Paul Cherry, a man by the name of Tonino Callcchia was shot in a parking lot in Laval. Fortunately, Tonino survived multiple shots to the body and is now recovering. This recent shooting has not been a surprise. There have been many other shootings that have caught the eyes of the provincial police of Quebec, such as the death of Vincenzo Scuderi which occurred the week preceding.

The journalists go on to write that both these men had some sort of connection to the Montreal mafia in the past. More specifically, they were both opposed the Rizzuto family and their organization. The police expect that organized crime may start to reappear more often in the Montreal area.

As an active news viewer, I have seen the Rizzuto family fall recently and they seemed to be laying low for quite some time. With these new shootings, one could only hope that nothing bad comes from it. However, the mafia has only brought fear to society and it is quite surprising that the police don’t know who’s doing these crimes. The police continue to take different angles on crimes in hopes of finding evidence, instead of knocking on the mafia’s front door and arresting them. Only time will tell if these shootings are of mafia origin.