Protests in Montreal, nothing new

by sandrinedoucet on February 9, 2013 - 12:59pm

As Plan Nord reunions were held in Montreal on February 9th, protesters decided to vandalize downtown Montreal to voice their concerns.

Peter Rakobowchuk reports the events for the Globe and Mail on February 9th. 

Just like in Spring 2012, during the tuition hikes, the streets of Montreal are full of protestors, and most of them are wearing a red square. The red square was a popular sign during last year's student strike. 

This time, there are less of them and they gather to voice their opinion on another matter, the Plan Nord. They are against the plans to "extract resources in Northern Quebec". 

The protest was declared illegal after cruisers started to vandalize the convention center. Windows were broken, some painted on the walls, and many pounded on the widows and wall were the event was held. 

A red feather was spotted on most protesters as it shows support to the aboriginals, who will be affected the most by these possible projects.

Just when Montreal thought this wave of calmness would last, the population strikes again.

I was lucky last year to be exempted of the student strikes, let's hope these new protests will be peaceful in the future.