New Scope of Eating Disorder, males issue now

by Yuan-Ku Luo on February 9, 2013 - 8:50am

According to Sharon Kirkey's article "The new face of eating disorders: Men starving themselves to look like the pictures in magazines" from Montreal Gazette, she discussed the new scope of eating disorder. Usually, when people heard about the illness eating disorders, they will think it is a female illness, but surprisingly, more and more males are having this kind of disease because of the influence of media. It is exactly the same reason as female, male tend to be looking like the "ideal body type" from the magazine, so they start to eat less, and in the end it causes them eating disorder. From the article, Dr. Blake Woodside, the director of the program for eating disorder says this is a very dramatic finding because in clinical samples it's more like on in 15, or one in 20 are male. The ideal image of male body is become much more tightly, and media is keep sending this kind of message to the society, which as the result causes this phenomenon.

To me this is a very scary thing to hear because not only females, nowadays even males are trying to be skinny. Be skinny is not a bad thing, but eating less also means you are not providing enough energies to your body, and eating disorder is only one of the disease for this kind of eating habit. Furthermore, people who tend to be fit into the image of "ideal body" are the one that doesn't know it's all about Photoshop. Those singers, actors are only looking great because of the cover of media, they all looks normal on the street, sadly not a lot of teenagers have noticed it, and it is already too late when they get eating disorder or other illness