STM reliability is actually improving

by sandrinedoucet on February 7, 2013 - 9:54am

The STM (Societe de Transports de Montreal) has been down numerous times in the past week. The orange and green line were both affected by technical problems and caused thousands of public transport users to be late.

Even if those delays were extremely criticized, Andy Riga reports in the Montreal Gazette (February 6, 2013), that the numbers of interruptions of the metro lines have been falling. Fewer problems and delays have been reported for the month of January.

In January 2012, 113 disruptions of 5 minutes or more were listed and for January 2013, the numbers have gone down tremendously with an improvement of 53 less disruptions which means only 60 problems.

2012 was considered a bad year for the STM, but they have put new measures in place to improve their system and accommodate users who rely on public transports. They are trying to refine their service by adjusting the doors so there are less jams and providing more employees during rush hour to reduce incidents that could potentially create delays.

Even if the last few days were bad ones for the STM metro lines have been a major discrepancy for many people, they are actually having fewer stoppages.

The STM is the main conveyance for many people of Montreal and of the South Shore, problems in public transports affect the already bad traffic on the roads.

This was brought to my attention on social media when many Twitter users complained over the latest issues. The STM is doing an excellent job at keeping the users updated via Twitter and Facebook, giving out information on the delays and alerting everyone when the lines are back to normal. I have been stuck in the metro more than once and since then I make sure nothing is wrong before planning my escapades to the city.

More and more everyone is encouraged to use public transportation to help reduce the emission of CO2 and help the planet recover from pollution, so it's important for the STM to provide us with a reliable system that encourages everyone to use it without worry.