When fear kills one’s dignity

by christinem on February 3, 2013 - 11:13pm

On Friday, February first 2013, a 48 year old man was beaten and dragged along the street naked by soldiers in Cairo near to president Morsi’s house. Hamada Saber went to protest with his family against the new president’s reign when he got caught by a group of police officers who dangerously harmed him and beat while being naked him with truncheons. According to an article written by Peter Graff and Shaimaa Fayed and published on Reuters Canada’s website on the third of February 2013, the victim stated on his hospital bed that the police had nothing to do with what happened to him and that it was a group of protestors who took his clothes off trying to steal him.  He also mentioned that the police officers came to his rescue and that they are the ones who saved his life. After his shocking declaration, his family members got so offended that they contacted diverse media sources to let the whole world know that Saber called them earlier and admitted that he was threatened and that the government told him that if he says anything against the police he will be accused of bringing petrol bombs to the manifestation. However, as the time passed, a video of the victim’s aggression was spread all over the Internet in which we can clearly see that he was assaulted by police officers because of their uniforms. On the third of February 2013, Hamada Saber publicly denounced the police actions. As an Egyptian but mostly as a human being, I think that this government has tremendously exceeded its limits this time and has gone too far. Imagine what could have possibly been done to this man to make him accept his loss of dignity in front of his people and the whole world and make him publicly declare that it was not the police’s fault even though the footage proves the opposite. What happened to this man is not only an offense and a crime against him, it is a crime against the entire humanity. It cannot end here. Someone needs to intervene. The United Nations should be concerned by this issue and take in consideration the number of victims that keeps on increasing on a daily basis in Egypt.


Link for video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21314782