The Abortion Debate, Again

by NathalieG on February 3, 2013 - 10:22pm

According to an article in The Montreal Gazette by Gerrit De Vynck of The Canadian Press on January 28, 2013, most Canadians do not want to have another debate about abortion.  In fact, the author of this article cites an online poll in which 60% of the respondants did not want another debate on the issue.  It was in 1988 that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that not allowing abortions went against womens' rights and that it had to be legalized.  30 abortion clinics have opened since this ruling and, therefore, accessibility to this service has greatly incresed except in certain regions of the country. 

However, certain Canadian citicizens are still trying to reopen a debate about the abortion issue after 25 years.  Mary Ellen Douglas, a national organizer with the Campaign for Life Coalition, claims we should be "ashamed of where we are in our country" because of legalized abortion. The group she belongs to helps people get elected so they can help create laws that will protect fetuses from the moment they are conceived.

Being a woman, I would not want the right to abortion to be taken away.  Abortion is now a right that women have in Canada and it would seem quite illogical to go back in time and take away that right from all women in this country.